Lefty's Place needs your help!
Purchase an Imperfect or Tester item today and help give it, and a Fur, Fleece or Feathered friend at Lefty’s Place Farm Sanctuary a wonderful life!
Planner Pencil Cases
Sized to suit Wren (A5) and Lula (Personal) Planners!
Got Christmas Overwhelm?
Grab a Christmas Planner and get ontop of the silly season!
Tester Paladin Pouch
Paladin Pouches
Great all round ditty bags
Sized with the Planner in mind!
Orhideya Pouch DeLaLuna
Tula DeLaLuna
When its gone, it's gone!

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May Paper Co Monogrammed vellum dashboard Large
Meet the Maker
A peek behind the curtain with May of May Paper Co.
The Luxe. Minimalist Australian Planner Brand.