Dark side of the moon – A5 Lotte Planner

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This is a tester item, as such all sales are final. For all details , please read the full description below.
Tester purchases also have a charitable component. $20 from the sale of this planner goes to support Lefty’s Place Farm Sanctuary.

This Dark Side Of The Moon a5 Lotte Planner  is sure to help you navigate life with style and ease!

Lotte A5 Planners feature:

  • Luscious soft pliable covers.
  • Tight, silver, slimline 25mm rings, with standard 6 ring spacing for all your favourite A5 Inserts.
  • Secure silver magnetic tab closure to keep your contents safe
  • 2 medium sized slip pockets
  • 1 pen pocket..
  • 1 full height slip pockets.

*Please note , this listing is for the planner folder only and does not include inserts. *

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Please be aware this is a listing for a Tester A5 Planner.
I have a high standard for my creations. While Tester items are  completely usable they  don’t  quite make the cut.

The Tester Classification has been given for the following reasons:
– This pattern was trialled, but ultimately will not be getting added to the SSY permanent product line up.  It is not an imperfect item.

Tester purchases also have a charitable component. $20 from the sale of this planner goes to support Lefty’s Place Farm Sanctuary.
Purchasing a Tester item ensures you give it, and a Fur, Fleece or Feathered friend at Lefty’s Place Farm Sanctuary a wonderful life!
Find my Permission to Fundraise letter here.


This Dark Side Of The Moon a5 Lotte Planner n is sure to help you navigate life with style and ease!

a5 Lotte Planners feature:

Soft pliable covers.

– The high quality calico exterior contrasts beautifully with the pieced rainbow burst on the front cover.
-A soft  fleece & interfaced core provides a soft pliable cover, that maintains enough structure to support your note taking on the go.
– Opened Measurements – Approx. 9.5″ High x 15″ Wide x  .125″ – .25″ Thick
– Closed Measurements – Approx. 9.5″ High x  7″ Wide x 1.25″ Thick.

Silver 6 ring (A5) Binder Spine with trigger.

– 25mm rings make the Lotte A5 Planner great  not just as an office  catch-all, or project planner, but also as an everyday carry.
– All A5 Planners feature standard 19mm, 19mm, 70mm, 19mm, 19mm spaced rings , as a result they  fit most popular brands of A5 inserts.
– The easy press trigger prolongs the life of your planner while ensuring your rings remain nice and tight.
– Chicago Screws ensure your rings remain securely affixed while still being easy to swap out if needed.
– Tone for Tone matching hardware between  binder spine, screws and magnetic snap because that’s just common sense!


Magnetic Snap Closure.

– The magnetic snap is washer backed (internally) so there is no pull through and no undue stress placed on your planner, or planner tab while being opened and closed.
– At just 14mm the magnetic snaps are strong, while still allowing easy, one handed opening and closing.
– Again, (And I can’t believe this  is  a thing ) Tone for Tone matching hardware between magnetic snap, binder spine and screws because thats how it should be!

2 medium slip pockets.

– Approx 4″ Deep  x 5.5″” Wide
– Flexible enough to really load them up if you enjoy decorating your planner.

1 pen pocket.

– Approx 4″ Deep x .75″ Wide
– Designed to accommodate a slim pen/pencil so you are ready to plan at all times!

1 full height slip pocket.

– The back slip pocket is full height at 8.75″tall  x 5.5″wide perfect for tucking a5 notes in to keep extra information at hand!

Your A5 Lotte Planner is wrapped and boxed prior to posting to ensure it reaches you safely.

*Please note: This listing is for the planner folder only. To deck it out with planner inserts, dividers, functional stickers and stamps, clips, bookmarks and decorative pieces,  support other Australian Small Businesses – Here is a great list to get you started! *